Making Elementary Music Appreciation Simple

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You can easily add elementary music appreciation to your homeschool!

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Elementary music appreciation can easily drop through the cracks while we’re concentrating on teaching our young children reading, writing, and math skills. There’s no reason for it as teaching elementary music is fun. We just need a simple program to guide us.

Zeezok Publishing has a delightful elementary music appreciation program designed for children from kindergarten through sixth grade which makes teaching music appreciation both simple and fun.

Music Appreciation Book 1 begins with the workbook. At the beginning is a quick introduction written to the parent followed by the scope and sequence then the Music Disc Track List.

As this elementary music appreciation program is meant to be flexible, you are able to begin with the composer of your choice. You can even adjust the layout, activities, and schedules to meet your needs.

Delightful Biographies

At the heart of the program are the delightful biographies written about the composers. These books begin with each man’s childhood and describe not only his successes but his challenges as well. You come away appreciating not only the skill and accomplishments of the composer but his dedication to his art as well.

The books are full of illustrations. You see the boys practicing, playing with friends, or traveling from city to city. In addition to the illustrations, there are scores of music written by the composer throughout the book. The disc and track number are included under the title of the piece.

You’re easily able to listen to the music as you read.

Music Discs

Let’s be honest here. Even reading delightful biographies about the composers isn’t as important as actually hearing the music itself. The music chosen to accompany the biographies is well-chosen. Early pieces, as well as later compositions, are included.

The music isn’t just snippets of the pieces that leave you hanging for more. The pieces are included exactly as written. There’s also an additional 35 pieces recorded as well as demonstrations of the various instruments.

The music is wonderful to listen to. Wonderful enough that my two youngest children keep hopping out of their chairs to dance!


The workbook pages are designed with multi-ages in mind. Young children and parents discuss the comprehension questions orally and read the extra information aloud. Older children can read and write for themselves.

At times there are two workbook pages given. One is designed for younger children, kindergarten – third grade, while the other is for older children, fourth – sixth grade.

The workbook provides extra information to augment the readings in the biographies and more than just comprehension questions.

  • Hands-on activities
  • Character Qualities
  • Tidbits of Interest
  • Geography
  • Experiments
  • Copywork
  • Information about musical periods
  • Instruments
  • History
  • Answer Keys
  • And more!


As if all that wasn’t enough, there are also seven lapbooks included in the program, one lapbook for each composer. The templates are included on a CD-rom. Just plug it into the computer, choose to view the lapbook pdfs, and scroll down the menu.

There are instructions for putting together lapbooks, pictures of completed lapbooks, and the templates you need. Simply print the templates and fill them out. Then cut and fold them before gluing the templates to your lapbook.

If you need more information, there’s even a list of lapbook resources at the bottom of the menu.

Simple Music Appreciation

Zeezok Publishing’s Music Appreciation Book 1 makes music appreciation simple. The biographies and music are included. All you need is to begin reading. Turn on the appropriate music track as you reach each score in the books.

Everything you need to expand your studies is included as well. You have worksheets to discuss various instruments and musical periods. Suggested hands-on activities to add interest for the children. There’s even a lapbook to create and review your musical studies.

If you’re wanting to add music appreciation to your homeschool but want to keep things simple, take a look at this wonderful music appreciation program for elementary kids.

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