Allschool: A Small Online Class for Your Homeschool

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Have you ever longed to give your children a fascinating class? A class that will give your children a change to explore a new topic, develop a hobby, or investigate a concept? Then you’ll love what Allschool has to offer! They offer kids a small online class with an engaged teacher.

And because many of the classes are one-time classes, you don’t have a huge time or monetary investment to worry about! These classes are amazing, especially when you’re trying to homeschool multiple kids and stay sane.

What Is Allschool?

Allschool is a school that was founded in Singapore. It offers online classes that give kids a change to pursue interests with an engaged teacher through live small group classes.

These passionate teachers deliver fun and inspiring class sessions. My son finished his session asking me when he could take his next class!

These are great especially if you’re looking for a short online class to fit into a busy schedule or need a class to cover a single topic.

I was compensated for my time reviewing Allschool and was compensated for writing this post. All opinions are mine.

Features of Allschool Online Class

Allschool features classes on a wide variety of topics. You can find English classes, second language classes, classes on life skills, arts, social studies, history, and science. The search feature is easy to use and allows you to narrow down the topics. So I was able to find a science class about dinosaurs for my dinosaur-loving son.

These classes are also for a range of ages. If you’d like to pinpoint classes designed for your child’s age groups, all you need to do is click the Find Classes tab, check your child’s age (and you’ll find classes for kids from 3 through 18), and click the apply button. All the classes available for your child’s age group will appear in the section below.

Allschool’s signup system was also a breeze to use! It only took a few minutes and my computer was ready for my son’s class.

Allschool An Online Class for Your Homeschool

The heart of Allschool are the online classes they offer homeschooled students. These classes are small, often 1-5 students and include a very engaged teacher.

I was amazed because I didn’t expect the level of engagement that happened in the class. My son adored his class on dinosaurs as he and his teacher chatted and Eklie, his teacher, guided him through the class material.

When my son finished Dinosaur Explorations, he immediately asked me when he’d take his next class!

Here are some of the online classes you can find at Allschool:

Dinosaur Explorations: Roaring Fun with Giant Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Explorations is a one-time class taught by Eklie. Your child will travel back in time and learn fascinating facts about dinosaurs. Plus your kids will also complete a dinosaur report. My son adored this class and was happily engaged the entire time.

Introduction to Division

This four week class taught by Eklie will introduce your children to the basic of division. They’ll even learn long division with and without remainders. Kids will also have an opportunity to use interactive game slides allowing them to effortlessly learn division.

The Doomed Queen: Fascinating Facts About Marie Antoinette

This fascinating one time class for students ages 8-11 is taught by Mrs. Hilton. The class includes 1-5 students and explores the life of Marie Antoinette. It’s a great resource to extend your study of the French Revolution.

Check Out everything Allschool offers by signing up for a free class today!

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