10 Easy Ways to Find Time for Yourself when Homeschooling

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As a mom you drive kids all over town, cook countless meals, clean house, and take care of everyone in your life… except yourself! For some reason moms, especially homeschool moms, always forget to find time for themselves.

So here are 10 ways to find time for yourself!

1. Exchange Play Dates

Do you have a friend with children close in age to your own kids? Exchange play dates! One week all the kids descend upon your house while your friend has a few hours to herself.

The next week she watches the kids while you have a few hours to paint, read, walk, or simply sit and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. The nice part is that the kids usually enjoy these playdates.

They’ll play happily for hours together so even the mom at home has a few minutes to relax and enjoy a good book.

2. Go to the Park

Kids can entertain themselves for hours at the park, especially if you don’t start the habit of playing with them. Head to the park on sunny afternoons. While the children play, enjoy a hobby or a good book.

Many hobbies, such as knitting or photography, are easily transported from place to place. Invest the time in your hobby and relax.

3. Leave Kids with Husband

There’s nothing wrong with leaving the children with your husband for a few hours while you take a class or enjoy a few hours to yourself. The kids will have fun with their dad and you’ll have time for yourself.

Take a painting or cooking class. Learn an instrument or simply head down to the library. Enjoy your time alone.

4. Gyms with Babysitting

Many gyms have free babysitting for you to use while you work out. So take advantage of it!

After all part of taking care of ourselves includes ensuring we have time to exercise and stay in good health. Head to the gym several times a week and let the kids play while you work out.

Everyone will feel better for the time away from the house.

5. Electronic Babysitters

While I don’t like to use the electronic babysitters constantly, they are a lifesaver when I desperately need some time to myself. You can turn on your children’s favorite shows or allow them to play on the computer.

The kids will be quiet and out of trouble while you have time to catch up on a good book or enjoy a hobby.

6. Invite Children Over

Often having other children over at the house can provide a bit of peace for you to invest in yourself. The kids will be playing with their friends. Monopoly or Candy Land may be pulled out. The kids might decide to head outside.

It doesn’t matter, the children will entertain themselves for a time leaving you time and space for yourself.

7. Hire a Babysitter

Hire a babysitter to come over and watch the kids for a time. You can head out to get some exercise, take a class, or go to coffee with a friend. The kids will be safe while you have a few hours to take care of yourself for a time.

If a babysitter isn’t going to be possible, look into a mommy’s helper. These are young preteen’s who come over to the house to play with the kids. The mommy’s helpers are too young to be left alone with the kids, but they can certainly keep the little ones entertained elsewhere in the house.

You’ll have time to devote to personal passions and hobbies.

8. Get Up Early

If you’re a morning person, getting up early in the morning can give you time to yourself.

You’ll be able to be up and showered before the kids awake, have time to enjoy a hobby or start a project, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sun come up. That’s actually my trick.

I get up early and spend a few minutes writing before the children start rampaging around the house.

9. Stay Up Late

The opposite of the early morning risers are the night owls. If you love staying up until all hours of the night, take advantage of the quiet house. Don’t just haphazardly surf the channels or the internet. Invest the time in hobbies or projects you enjoy.

Use the time for yourself.

10. Quiet Time

Many families switch the kids from naps to quiet time in the afternoon. This time is wonderful for getting projects done, relaxing for a time, or reading a good book. Even if your kids are older, try starting a quiet time in the early afternoon.

It will give you time for yourself every day.

There are ways to ensure you have a few hours to yourself every day or every week. You do need to be intentional about ensuring you have the time. It won’t happen if you don’t schedule it.

How do you plan time for yourself into your schedule?



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  1. I recently read an article about a 5am 20/20/20 plan. You get up at 5am and your first 20-minutes is some sort of exercise. For me, that’s either participating in a stretching program on PBS or taking my dog for an early morning walk. (I usually will pray the rosary during this time too and offer it for my husband and children). The next 20-minutes are devoted to spiritual nourishment and journaliing. The last 20-minutes is doing whatever you want — whether it’s catching up on chores, getting a head start on meal prep, reading a book, or 20-minutes of hobby pursuit. And this is all “mommy time”!

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