Create a Well-Run House for a Well-Run Homeschool

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You need a well-run house for a well-run homeschool.

What happens when a homeschool house has dirty dishes piled all over the counters and the table? Textbooks are hiding under beds, buried under piles of laundry, or quivering on a chair. You can’t find the workbooks you need. You can’t even find the table!

In order to have a well-run homeschool, you need a well-run house.

The Well-Run House

well-run house

Now that doesn’t mean you have to pass a white glove inspection or scour the tub every single morning. What it means is that you need a reasonable level of tidiness around the house.

Books should be on the shelf. Hopefully, they’re neatly on the shelf, but to be honest, often they’re piled on the shelf in my house. Not that it matters too much. We can still find the books when they’re needed.

The kitchen is tidied. There’s a table to study at. Counters are available for science experiments. The kids can pull out the paints and paper for art projects.

A well-placed reading lamp illuminates the sofa and chairs. It’s a spot that kids can curl up and read. Unless they’re hanging upside down off the chair while they devour their latest book.

Kids have clean clothes when they wake up in the morning. There’s no last-minute dash to find a matching pair of socks before you run out the door for the library. At least you hope so. I’ve yet to find any amount of laundry that can prevent an occasional hunt through the lost sock container in my house.

There are also meals to consider. As homeschooling moms, we could be serving 3 meals a day to our ravenous kids along with snacks. That’s a lot of cooking. Unfortunately, we can’t skip feeding the horde. They just don’t focus or behave well when hungry.

The point I’m trying to make is that to have a well-run homeschool we also have to have a well-run house. And that’s what we’ll be focusing on this last full week of October.

We’ll take a look at creating routines and folding house cleaning into our daily schedule. I’ll pass around a few tips I’ve picked up about staying on top of the laundry as a mom of 6 kids.

We’ll look at how to get meals on the table, even on those days when you’re dashing around all afternoon and only arriving home at dinner time.

These are critical to a well-run homeschool. The atmosphere in which we’re educating our children is important. Does it entice the kids to want to learn? Give them a place to read? Encourage them to explore their world? This is why we’re focusing on the well-run household this week.

After all, you can’t have a well-run homeschool without a well-run house.

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