3 Reasons Kids Need Extra Math Practice & Where to Get It

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Your children may need extra math practice.

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Your children are excelling with their math curriculum. They’re doing awesome. They understand what’s going on. Then you ask a question that phrased differently and your kids stare at you in horror.

They’re stumped by the different approaches to math. And you’re left wondering if your math program is actually working.

It is. Your children just need extra math practice!

3 Reasons Kids Need Extra Math Practice

1. Varied Explanations

Have you noticed how kids need different explanations? Often kids learn by seeing the same topic presented in several different ways. One curriculum rarely provides the varied explanations kids need.

It’s not that the explanation is wrong, but it’s only one way to present the information.

For instance, a math program may use dimes and pennies to explain the concept of tens and ones. You break dimes into pennies when you’re borrowing to subtract. You turn pennies into dimes when you’re carrying.

Another math program may use bundles of ten pencils or the phrase a set of ten. CTC math uses various groups of ten items such as blocks and an abacus.

When kids see the various method to explain and solve how math works, they come away with a better understanding of the math involved.

2. Need More Practice

One of the most frustrating experiences, when I was a new homeschooler, was using a math program that didn’t provide enough practice. There were a couple of problems, but not enough to cement the concepts into my child’s head.

I kept muttering, “Need more practice, need more practice!” But as a new homeschool mom of 4 small children, I didn’t know where to go to get that practice.

Many kids are similar. They need more practice with the math concepts than their math program is providing because it’s the drill that creates the mastery children need to flourish in math.

But sitting down with page after page of drill sheets is boring. You’re looking at the same problem again and again and again.

Different math programs use different sets of problems. If you use different math programs to provide the practice your child needs, your child won’t be bored.

They’ll be seeing different problems using the same skill set.

Do you have a kid who's doing well in math until you ask a question that phrased differently? Your kid stares at you. Is your math program actually working?

3. Learn New Terminology

As I sat down with my little girl to introduce her to CTCMath, I found the bulk of my time was interpreting the new phrases CTCMath used.

Little things such as explaining how an abacus worked or the tower of blocks was a group of ten. Once she figured it out, off she went.

Kids need to understand the different terminology people use to explain math. Different terminology stretches the mind and keeps kids out of a rut.

It broadens their understanding of mathematical concepts.

Use CTC’s Online Math Program for More Practice

CTCMATH is a full online math curriculum created by a math teacher and homeschool parent Pat Murray. The free trial gives everyone a FREE 4 week trial to the program, no credit card required. (Offer valid through July 31, 2017)

When I say full, I mean full. CTCMath covers math from kindergarten topics such as counting from 1 to 5 and introducing dot and block graphs. It then spans the grades to finish with calculus, where kids are carefully taught topics such as trigonometric differentiation and volumes of solids revolution.

math practice online math

Specifically, CTCMATH covers:

  • Kindergarten Math
  • 1st grade Math
  • 2nd grade Math
  • 3rd grade Math
  • 4th grade Math
  • 5th grade Math
  • 6th grade Math
  • Basic Math & Pre-algebra
  • Elementary Measurement
  • Elementary Geometry
  • Algebra 1
  • Geometry
  • Algebra 2
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus

It doesn’t matter what grade you’re teaching, you can find the extra math practice you need! With videos explaining every lesson, online questions to answer, and tests to check for mastery – you have everything you need for extra practice.

The kids can watch videos on concepts they’re struggling with. Then they can answer a variety of questions to check for understanding. If needed the kids can watch and complete the lessons again!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add extra math practice in your homeschool, check out CTCMATH. It has everything you need for extra math practice!


Do you have a kid who's doing well in math until you ask a question that phrased differently? Your kid stares at you. Is your math program actually working?

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