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Plan Your Best Homeschool Year *

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Are you getting ready to sit down and plan your year? I don’t know about you, but I go through my plans again and again and again. Because I always forget something. I’ll forget to purchase history books. Or I’ll forget that we’re busy every Wednesday afternoon.

But what if this year could be different?

plan your year

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An Awesome Year Begins with a Plan

See a restful school year full of scholé, challenging studies, and delightful discussions at the kitchen table begins with a good plan.

A good plan allows you to homeschool in faith.

In faith that if you thoughtfully work through each day doing your best, no matter what happens, everything will fall together in the end.

Your children will learn to read, learn math, get into college, and become adult members of society.

The path there may meander and likely will not look anything like you dreamed it would. And that’s okay. It’s life.

However, right now you have a problem to solve. What should you be doing this next school year?

And the best approach to homeschooling isn’t to cram as much as you can into each day.

You need margins in your life.

Time to sit down, drink tea, and compare the English view of the American Revolution with the American perspective.

Your kids need time, even in high school, to meet with their friends just to hang out and relax.

They need enjoyable activities and challenging school work.

Homeschooling, activities, social fun, and free time need to balance with the needs of the house and home.

In addition, there is always the unforeseen crisis that occurs on a regular basis.

Quite frankly crisis is part of life. The unexpected bed rest because of a pregnancy, a new job and moving, or even just a horrid flu followed by a bad cold going through town.

You need a plan if you’re going to balance everything so you have margins and scholé in your lives.

A good plan that will guide you through the year and keep you moving step-by-step towards your goal of raising and educating your children.

You need to plan your year.

plan your year pam barnhill

Plan Your Year

How do you come up with a good plan? My best solution is to use Pam’s book: Plan Your Year.

In Plan Your Year, Pam walks us through the same steps I’ve always used to plan in the past except she doesn’t forget any details.

I always have something I forget.

It might be printing out the notebooking pages for the Book of Presidents I want the kids to create. It may be spelling.

Plan Your Year walks you through all ten necessary steps to planning your ideal school year.

The steps begin by determining what you want your children to get from your homeschool.

For instance, do you see your family enjoying projects and activities at home, heading out on nature walks, or reading good books on the sofa?

Or does your vision for homeschooling include a bit of all three?

Nothing is worse than planning out a homeschool year in detail only to realize you’re headed in the wrong direction.

So Pam begins her book by ensuring you’re headed in the right direction for your family.

And each step continues thoughtfully to help you create a custom plan for your homeschool. One that works for your family.

One that’s tailormade by you and for you.

Plus after working through all ten steps, you won’t find yourself skipping spelling or forgetting to purchase history books!

Because Plan Your Year guided every step so you’re ready and prepared to enjoy an awesome school year this fall.

A school year filled with challenging subjects, delightful discussions, laughter, and peace.

So grab your copy of Plan Your Year today!

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  1. Love your point about margin. Last year I felt we did too much and went broad but not deep and we felt pressured at times. So this year I decided my daughter would do three full year courses and two half year courses. She’s 15 and compared to her peers it seems like light load. But it allows her time for other things that are important to her and we are still focussing on the skills she needs. Sometimes I still give in to peer pressure and think we’re not doing enough but mostly I know this is the right choice for us.

    1. Margin is so important. My oldest boys, now graduated, discovered their passions during their free time and spent hours pursuing them. That margin has now given them a direction to pursue in college and life. It was so hard not to give into peer pressure and start pushing them in different directions. I always think of it as wearing blinders. If I focus on my child and know we’re doing the right thing, it doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. 🙂

  2. I need to start planning soon! I think I’m dreading it a bit since most of my hours of planning last year were laid aside due to a life and a new little one.

    1. Planning can be intimidating! Over the years I’ve found planning to be well worth the time spent since it helps me keep a peaceful and challenging homeschool. 🙂

  3. I need a different approach to planning. I love Pam’s resources. I will start at the end of August.

  4. I’ve sorta been planning for the last month. The last week of July is when I really set my yearly schedule and finish ordering curriculum!

  5. I used to do a huge planning session during the summer which would take weeks to finish. That totally overwhelmed me, so I basically quit planning at all and have just been doing whatever. I need help!!

  6. I have been planning for the last two months and still do not have a solid plan I am satisfied with.

  7. After my girls summer dance recital. I want to use July to plan and start school in August.

  8. I am so excited to begin planning this next year and I will build in margin. Have you read the book titled Margin? I am working through it and weeding out those things in my life I “feel” like I need to hold on to, but those are always the things that create the most stress because of my commitment to them with no time to give to them.

  9. I have been planning for about 6 months now ( I know, way TOO MUCH) but its just how I do things. I would love something to help me streamline that method. Planning is possibly the best part of homeschooling my kiddos!

  10. Hoping to start next week, all curriculum has arrived now for the planning part, how to accomplish it.

  11. Planning is the fun part. I’m not always so great at carrying it through though…

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