Free Printable Morning Time Planner

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Did you know that morning time doesn’t have to include hours of study for your kids? My own morning time collapsed under the weight too much. Too much to cover. Too much to do. And too much time.

Free Printable Morning time Planner

The perfect morning time routine is one that’s simple and makes your life easier. Not a morning time plan which causes you endless guilt every time you look at it!

I’ve discovered that the perfect morning time for my family is super simple and created a morning time planner to reflect the simplicity!

The Morning Time Planner

Memory Work: Currently, my family is working through How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare together. My goal is to spend a week or two on each memorization piece, and how far we get is how far we get. It’s an excellent resource for everyone, from my 1st grader to my 12th grader, to memorize. and the best part is that it’s new for everyone!

Subject: this is simply the subject of the day. Alternate through the different subjects. For instance, in my home, Mondays and Wednesdays are usually focused on history or geography, while Tuesdays and Thursdays are focused on science and nature study. Fridays are for the fine arts.

I love reading aloud great books in each of the subject areas to read to the kids. For instance, Story of the World vol. 4 is perfect for history. It gives a different perspective on history from the Tapestry of Grace rhetoric readings and covers all the history my youngest children need. Win-win!

Read Aloud: Read through the literature you’d like the children to hear. I focus on the classic children’s literature my high school kids missed the first time through. Right now, we’re reading The Phantom Tollbooth.

Notes: Write down notes about how morning time went that day, or jot down a discussion question you want to ask your kids.

This morning time planner has made life so much easier for me! I no longer flounder about during morning time trying to figure out what we should be doing!

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