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Keep the House Clean with Motivated Moms

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Keeping the house clean while homeschooling is a constant challenge! Someone is home and living in my house all the time.

It is hard to figure out what tasks should be done when I do find a minute. Plus, I don’t want to spend all day cleaning the house. But I also don’t want to be embarrassed when friends drop by.

That’s where Motivated Moms comes into play.

Motivated Moms

Motivated Moms is a house cleaning plan that comes in either an ebook or an app. As I don’t have a smartphone I use regularly, I’ve never tried the app.

However, I’ve been picking up the ebook since 2006!

The ebooks come in two varieties. You can grab the weekly ebook which puts all the chores on one page.

The daily tasks are down the left-hand side while the weekly chores are listed by day down the right-hand column.

motivated moms weekly plan

There’s also the daily ebook where each day is given its own page. Again the daily tasks are down the left-hand side.

Except now the weekly chores for the day are at the top, and there’s space to schedule your day down the right-hand side.

You also have plenty of space to take notes.

There’s also an option for black and white and one with color. You can get daily Bible readings on the planners. And they come in two sizes: standard letter size and half size.


There are two types of chores assigned in Motivated Moms, daily and weekly tasks.

Daily tasks are those things that really need to be done every single day. Simple tasks such as load and empty the dishwasher, clean the kitchen sink, make beds, take your vitamins, laundry, feed the pets, etc.

The weekly tasks rotate between items that need to be done every week such as cleaning the toilet and vacuuming. And seasonal chores like cleaning the kitchen light fixture or cleaning the baseboards.

If you consistently do the tasks as they come up, you won’t spend hours every day cleaning the house. But you will keep a tidy house.

Tips for using Motivated Moms

Schedule Time Daily for Chores

I’ve found the best solution to housekeeping is to have a time scheduled every day to get it done. The time doesn’t really matter. It can be before or after a meal, in the afternoon, or in the morning.

Consistency matters, not the time.

However, I’ve found it handy to have 2 or 3 time periods for chores. Morning chores before breakfast, evening chores after dinner, and weekly chores in the afternoon.

Assign Kids Daily Tasks

keep a clean house while homeschooling

I’ve been using the Motivated Moms ebooks since 2006 and love them. Most years I print the book for my own reference and simply assign chores to the kids.

An older teen can complete a daily load of laundry. A group of kids can help in the kitchen, sweep the floor, and feed the pets.

This frees you up to complete the weekly chores since the kids are doing the daily tasks.

Assign Daily and Weekly Tasks

However one year I purchased colored highlighters. Each Sunday the kids and I would go through the Motivated Moms sheet for the week. Each child took turns choosing one daily and one weekly task for the week.

I would highlight the chosen chores in their chosen color.

The kids really enjoyed the changing chores.

Hang the Weekly Motivated Moms List

I’ve never tried this one but thought it’s a great idea. One family posted the Motivated Moms List on the fridge each week. Every day members of the family would choose a chore to complete and mark it off.

As the week went by, everyone chipped in to help, the chores got done, and the house stayed tidy.

Motivated Moms is an awesome method of getting the house clean each week. You can clearly see what needs to be done and over the year it rotates through the needed deep cleaning.

And I can’t tell you how motivating it is to check off completed tasks each day!

Click to check out Motivated Moms and experience the motivation of a simple checklist.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve considered implementing this system before…perhaps this is the year!

  2. I have used this before and would love the chance to start the New Year. It works great because it reminds me of tasks that I don’t always remember to do. Also if I miss something-no worries- as it will reoccur again.

  3. I LOVE MM! I first found it in 2009. I had a baby and a under-two toddler. The house was a disaster. But I started MM and just started doing what it said to do for the day. nothing more. Within 3 days the place started looking better. After a week, it looked like Jone Cleaver had moved in! HAHA!

  4. Yes, I have tried Motivated Moms in the past and really liked how it help motivate me to get extra housework done. Being able to check it off is very rewarding 🙂 Would love to win!

  5. This sounds like something I’ve been looking for! Before homeschooling, I prided myself on always having a clean house. Not so much anymore. Thank you for sharing this!

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