Top 10 High School Writing Tips

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Are you having trouble coming up with fun writing topics for your high school teenager to write about? Try these tips to find writing topics that inspire your teenager to write.

Top 10 High School Writing Tips That Work

1. Brainstorm

Set the buzzer for 15 minutes, have your teenager sit down with you, and brainstorm writing ideas. Ponder movies and books that have been recently read. Write down every single idea no matter how silly or crazy it sounds. Sometimes the crazy ideas work out the best. Just keep coming up with ideas, no matter how bad, for the entire 15 minutes before calling it quits.

2. Organize Thoughts

My kids have been drilled to organized their thoughts before they sit down to write. This can be the formal outlines we were taught in school. Your teens can also use mind maps, pyramids, and other writing charts to organize their thoughts.

3. Write a Novel

Some kids will hate this assignment while others will adore it. Have your child write a novel. Your kid can spend a year outlining and writing the book. You could also take November off from school and join Nanowrimo, National Novel Writing Month.

4. Write from History

high school writing tips

If you’re having trouble finding an interesting writing topic, try writing from history. Choose a biographical figure your teenager would love to meet. What would they say or ask? You can also choose someone your kid would prefer to avoid altogether. Why? Write about it! Look at music, events, comparisons, or even fashion. Find inspiration from history.

5. Write about Hobbies

Hobbies can be fascinating and easy for teenagers to write about. Have them write a How-to guide to get someone started. Ask your child to write about why the hobby is important, or the historical background of it.

6. Write on Math

You may be asking how in the world can you write about math. It’s easy! Write about the development of various ideas and concepts such as pi or the Pythagorean Theorem. Try writing about famous mathematicians such as Euclid or Newton. You can also assign your child to write about the connection between math and science.

7. Write on Literature

Encourage your teens to write about the literature they’re reading about. Who was their favorite character and why? How did the character grow and change over the course of the novel? Write about the plot and the problems the character needed to solve. Did your teenager think the author did a good job keeping the novel interesting? What would they change if they wrote the book?

8. Write about an Issue

Many teenagers become passionate about various issues. You hear about these issues day and night as your child waxes poetic on the subject. Instead of just listening to the topic, encourage your child to write about it. Write an editorial to the newspaper, write to a member of congress, or begin a blog to educate the public.

9. Write Letters

Teenagers need to know how to write both personal letters and business letters. Have your child write to a business in an area they’re passionate about to find out more information. If your teen can’t find a business they want to write to, make one up. There’s no reason you have to mail the letter to complete the assignment. Have your teenager write to various family members as well. Teach the proper format for business letters versus personal letters.

10. Keep Writing Interesting

My biggest tip for high school writing is to keep the writing interesting. Nothing dulls inspiration or a teen’s creativity as much as a boring topic. Worry more about the writing itself and teaching the various types of writing than the topics your teenager is writing about.

Ultimately, the trick to high school writing is to keep your teenager engaged. Give them interesting writing topics on subjects they enjoy. Teach them the various types of writing they’ll need in future years.

And enjoy the culmination of all your hard work over the years.

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  1. Great tips!!! These will come in handy for those teens who don’t like writing… 🙂

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