11+ Printable Bingo Cards for Kids: Educational Party Games

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Are you looking for a fun and educational game to play with your kids? Then you should download some printable bingo cards for kids today!

BINGO: an Exciting Party Game

Bingo is an exciting game where each player attempts to be the first person to complete five squares in a row. The squares can line up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The best part is that bingo can be played with small groups or large groups of people making it perfect for family game night, classrooms, or homeschool co-ops to play.

A caller pulls cards out of a bowl, or hat, and calls out the word. Then each player must read their unique bingo card to determine if the word is on the card. A marker is placed on top of the word.

The first person to complete five squares in a row yells BINGO and wins the game!

The bingo games listed below don’t use digits or numbers. Instead, each bingo game focuses on a group of sight or vocabulary words. It’s a fun way to help kids learn to read while expanding their vocabulary.

printable bingo games for kids

How to Play Bingo

To play bingo, you will need a few supplies before you begin.


  • Printable bingo Game
  • Mid-weight white cardstock or regular paper
  • Printer
  • Laminating machine (optional)
  • Bingo markers or dry-erase markers

Directions for a Fun Bingo game

1. Download a printable bingo game and print it on white card stock or regular white paper. I recommend the cardstock simply because it will last longer, but regular paper will work as well.

2. After the game is printed, you can laminate the master scorecard and the bingo boards. This helps the game to last so that you can reuse it again and again.

3. Cut up the calling cards into the boxes. Place these square cards into a bowl.

4. Make sure everyone has a group of markers such as poker chips, beans, or small scraps of paper. If the cards are laminated, dry-erase or dot markers can be used to mark the words.

5. Pick one person to be the bingo caller and give them the master scorecard along with markers.

6. Hand everyone else a bingo card and markers.

7. The caller will draw one square from the bowl, read the word, and place a marker on the master scorecard. At the same time, each player searches their unique bingo card to see if they have the word listed on it. If so, the players place a marker on the word or put an X on the word with a dry-erase marker.

8. The caller continues to slowly draw squares from the bowl reading each word aloud until one of the players has 5 words in a row and yells BINGO! The words can in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

The first player to yell BINGO wins the game!

​Bingo Printables

While you can find standard bingo games online that use numbers, it’s so much fun to use different bingo cards when you play with family and friends.

Below, you’ll find unique cards that correspond to seasons, special occasions, holidays, and other exciting events.

Free Printable Bingo Cards

Be sure to download these free printable Bingo cards that focus on teaching kids to read thirty of the most common sight words. This is a great way to help your young child just learning to read master these words. For best results, play the game once a day for a week or two.

Spring Printable Bingo Cards for Kids

Spring Bingo – Are you in the mood to celebrate spring? This fun printable bingo game focuses on teaching kids words like germinate, rainbow, and balmy. It’s also great fun to play in a classroom or at a birthday party.

Summer Bingo

Summer Bingo – These bingo sheets will teach your kids to read new words like barbeque, dandelion, and vacation! Or download these cards and use them during summer break to give you a fun game to play on a quiet afternoon. Everyone, old and young alike, will love playing bingo together.

Autumn Printable Bingo Cards for Kids

Autumn Bingo – Can your kids read foliage, deciduous, or maize? After playing this exciting game of bingo, they’ll be able to! You’ll also get a fun opportunity to teach your kids what these words mean. This is a great activity for a rainy day!

Winter Bingo

Winter Bingo – Keep your kids entertained during the cold winter months with these winter-themed bingo cards. Give everyone a mug of hot chocolate, a game board, and a bunch of markers, and see who can find their words and shout BINGO first!

New Year Bingo

New Year Bingo – Trying to decide what party game to play on special occasions like New Year’s? Then check out this fun New Year Bingo game and see who will be the first to find the words extravaganza, resolutions, or celebration.

Valentine’s Day Printable Bingo Cards for Kids

Valentine’s Day Bingo – Download this sweet Valentine’s Day Bingo to play at a Valentine’s Day Party. It’s a fun game not only for kids but for adults as well.

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo – See who among your family and friends can find the BINGO at the end of the rainbow first. Your kids will be reading words like leprechaun, Gaelic, and shamrock.

Easter Printable Bingo Cards for Kids

Easter Bingo – Do your children love Easter as much as my children do? This year add hunting for Easter words to your Easter traditions. Your kids will adore playing bingo and searching for words like bunny, daffodil, and traditions. It’s sure to become their favorite bingo game!

Halloween Bingo Cards

Halloween Bingo – Celebrate Halloween by playing Halloween Bingo! It’s a great game to take to your homeschool co-op or to play with friends on Halloween. You’ll be looking for spooky words like cadaver, cauldron, and ghoul.

Thanksgiving Bingo

Thanksgiving Bingo – Fill the downtime on Thanksgiving with printable bingo cards for kids. This bingo game focuses on Thanksgiving encouraging your kids to learn words like abundance, gratitude, and cornucopia.

Adorable Christmas Bingo Cards

Christmas Bingo – Take a Christmas Bingo Game to your next Christmas party. Everyone will have a blast during the holiday season as they try to find words like nativity, tinsel, and ornaments.

Free Printable Sight Word Bingo Game

Don’t forget your free download of Sight Word BINGO! It’s the perfect game to help young kids learn sight words. It’s also a fun activity for class parties or family gatherings as well.

Educational games are a great way to supplement your child’s education and help make learning fun!

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