Top 10 Things to Do at the Library

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Cabin fever strikes out of the blue.

One minute you’re happily homeschooling at home and the next you’re begging for an excuse to leave. The next time cabin fever strikes, head down to the library for the day, and try one of these fun things to do at the library!

1. Read Books Aloud

Curl up with your kids at the library and read books aloud.

Read a chapter aloud from various books until you find a new read-aloud for your family. Let your preschoolers pick out a stack of books, curl up on a chair, and read them together.

The library is usually a pleasant spot to read a book.

2. Homeschool

Just because you’re fighting a bad case of cabin fever doesn’t mean you skip homeschooling.

Grab the books on your way out the door. Claim a table at the library and start homeschooling. Run through math, spelling, and writing assignments. Do extra research on history and science. As the kids finish their schoolwork, send them to find a good book to read.

Enjoy your day out of the house.

3. Use the Computer

Libraries usually offer free computer use to patrons.

My kids love to sit down and play computer games on children’s computers. You can also use the library’s computers when your computer is down, or even just head down with a laptop to use the free WiFi available.

I’ll just say, the library is a quiet place to write when I’ve run into writer’s block.

4. Meet friends

Chances are you’re not the only family suffering from cabin fever. The library is a wonderful place to meet friends or have a quiet club meeting.

We actually meet up with a small group of homeschoolers at the library once a week for a club meeting.

The kids gather around the tables talking quietly and trading cards. Younger siblings look at books, play in the playroom, or head outside to run in the grass. Everyone enjoys time out of the house.

The library is a wonderful place to meet friends or have a quiet club meeting.

5. Research

Do you have a child interested in bringing a pet turtle home? Encourage them to research the ins and outs of owning such a pet.

Encourage your kids to research their interests at the library. They can bring on books on gardening, cooking, medieval weapons, and local plants.

The library is set up to enable you to learn almost any subject under the sun.

6. Library Activities

Another fun thing to do at the library is to check out the activities the library offers.

Try the short sing and play for babies and toddlers, story times for preschoolers, or activities for elementary kids. Explore the book clubs for teenagers and poetry readings for adults. Check out the various activities offered by your library.

You’ll find the perfect activity for your entire family.

7. Teach the Dewey Decimal System

Another fun thing to do at the library is to teach your children about the Dewey Decimal System.

Read The Great Dewey Hunt to get the kids started. Then send your children off to discover where to find books about the Egyptians, elephants, and Donatello. Ask your kids to tell you what types of books are in the 550.

8. Browse the Shelves

Have you ever browsed the shelves at the library looking for a new book to read?

I have!

It’s a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon out of the house. The library has wonderful old books, wonderful new books, and a few hidden treasures tucked away.

Wander the shelves and find some new friends to curl up and read on a rainy day.

9. Ask the Librarians

If you’re ever stumped on how to research a topic, find more information, or even just want to be pointed in the right direction, ask your librarians.

They know all sorts of random facts about the local government, where to research, and how to find information.

10. Read Old Newspapers

When you’re learning about modern history, ask the librarians if you can take a peek at old newspapers. Reading newspapers brings times to life in a way browsing a textbook never can. Take advantage of the library’s microfilm system to read old papers with your kids.

The next time you find the walls of your house closing in from cabin fever, grab the kids, and run down to the library.

These activities will give you plenty of fun things to do at the library.

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Try one of these fun things to do at the library the next time cabin fever hits your homeschool and you can't stay home another minute.

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