8 Tips for a Peaceful Morning Time

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Tips for a Peaceful Morning Time

Do you ever find morning time to be chaotic with kids bouncing off the walls? It’s normal. Kids are energetic and ready to play in the morning. However, with a bit of planning, you too can have a peaceful morning time!

1. Paper and Crayons

Pull out the paper and crayons for your children. Encourage them to color pictures, create designs, illustrate scenes from books. Keeping the hands occupied keeps the kids sitting quietly at the table.

You don’t need to limit the supplies to paper and crayons. Pull out watercolors, chalk pastels, colored pencils, and markers. Change out the art supplies every week to keep the kids interested.

2. Make Morning Time Pleasant

Make morning time pleasant with a peaceful atmosphere. Turn on quiet, soothing music. Speak softly. Find a sunny spot in the house.

Encourage the kids to relax and enjoy morning time by staying calm. Don’t act like a drill sergeant, instead pretend to be Merry Poppins.

3. Breakfast, tea, cookies, coffee

Put breakfast, tea, or cookies on the table. Kids, especially teenage boys, always love to eat. Eating also occupies the hands and the mouths.

We’ve often enjoyed holding our ‘morning time’ over lunch. The kids eat and then pull out the art supplies. I read aloud from our books. Eating does make recitation difficult though.

4. Make It Fun

Kids behave better for activities they find fun. Add games and humor to your morning. Memorize funny poems. Challenge the kids to a spelling bee.

Keep morning time fun and the kids will be enthusiastic. In my house, enthusiastic kids make everything easier.

5. Choose books carefully

Choose the books you read carefully. Reading for hours on a treatise about the development of Latin over the centuries may fascinate some, but it won’t keep the kids quiet in their seats for long.

Look for books you love, lively books, books with humor. Find books everyone enjoys for a peaceful morning time.

6. Puzzles

Puzzles keep the fingers busy while allowing children to listen to read-aloud or discussions. Put a pile of puzzles on the table and encourage the kids to pick one to work on each morning.

If a child wishes to begin a large, 500 piece puzzle, put it on a large board. You can store it on a shelf to pull out each morning.

7. Keep Morning Time Short

Let’s face it. Kids have short attention spans. Keeping morning time short and sweet helps to keep things peaceful. You’re moving on to the next subject before kids get bored. Letting kids go before they get wiggly.

Remember that kids only have so much ability to sit in them before they need to head outside to run around.

8. Encourage Kids to Play Outside First

Send the kids to run around outside before morning time. Let them play, swing, chase bugs, and explore. Chase the kids around the yard.

Moving the blood in the legs helps the brain to think. And they’ll actually be able to sit for a few minutes.

What’s your favorite tip for a peaceful morning time?

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  1. These are great! My biggest tip has been to do it during breakfast. I figure they are at the table anyways, so I read while they are eating and then naturally transition to different things as they finish. Thanks for sharing your tips!

  2. Mornings can be crazy here, but it works well to have b’fast, then head outside with kids to do chores… they are still young enough that a) chores are fun, and b) they know they get to ride bikes afterwards.

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