when homeschooling is too hard

7 Quick Solutions When Homeschooling Is Too Hard

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Are you facing one of those days when homeschooling is too hard?

Then you need one of these 7 quick solutions to your homeschooling woes! Because the last thing you need to do is to try to keep pushing through.

You wear out your kids and wear out yourself!

1. Take the Day Off

Sometimes the best thing to do is to simply take the day off, especially if homeschooling has been getting more and more difficult each day.

Stop fighting with your kids.

Go do something fun.

Play educational games. Spend the afternoon curled up on the couch reading good books together.

Go on a virtual field trip.

Often you simply need a short break to refresh and regroup before you’re ready to homeschool again.

2. Just One Day or Several Days Off

If you’re having one horrible, terrible, no-good day, taking a day off is all you need.

Go have fun.

Homeschooling will still be here tomorrow.

But there’s a huge difference between having a bad day and every day being a battle. And if every day is a battle, you’re going to need to step back and evaluate.

Because if every day is a struggle, something deeper is wrong. You’re going to need to step back and evaluate your homeschool.

3. Step Back and Evaluate Your Homeschool

Step back from your homeschool and study why homeschooling is too hard.

It may be that the curriculum may be too challenging.

If the kids are struggling with the day-to-day work, and you dread pulling out the books, consider stepping back a level.

Review the previous information and ensure your kids have a solid foundation.

And homeschooling will be easier.

Consider your schedule and if it really works for your family.

It’s easy to copy another family’s routine, but that doesn’t mean it will work for your family.

Try changing your schedule to one that meets your needs and fits your family’s natural flow.

Do you need to change the time of your homeschool?

Add a morning time to pick up the loose ends. Or remove morning time and concentrate on sitting down for one-on-one time with your children.

Are your habits supporting your homeschool?

Often we get into the habit of checking Facebook, calling a friend, and letting the kids play instead of sitting down to homeschool.

So evaluate what’s going on in your homeschool and determine if you need to make some adjustments.

4. Simplify Your Homeschool

It’s too easy to keep adding curricula and activities to your homeschool day. Eventually, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with too much to do.

And if you have too many things going on, homeschooling is too hard.

The kids see a never-ending pile of work. And their reward for getting everything done in a timely manner? More work!

You see hours upon hours wrangling the kids through their schoolwork. And you’re not inspired to sit down and homeschool.

So simply your homeschool day. Choose rigorous work, but don’t spend all day with your nose to the grindstone.

Diligence and consistency are more important than trying to complete a year’s worth of material in 6 months.

5. Change the time you homeschool

Now I love homeschooling right after breakfast. My kids are awake and have the energy to study.

They’re cheerful after a full night’s sleep.

And I’m happy sitting down with my cup of coffee in hand.

But that doesn’t mean right after breakfast is ideal for your family.

I’ve heard of families that focus best in the evenings. And others who prefer to run outside for a few hours before homeschooling after lunch.

So experiment with the time of day you homeschool. Because one size doesn’t fit all!

6. Add Fun to your day

Too often you’ll find yourself making certain the kids get their spelling done, finish their math lesson, do a drill sheet, and recite their Latin conjugations.

You get caught in the work of homeschooling and homeschooling is too hard.

What you need is some variety! Or in other words, include some fun to your homeschool day.

Add a fun art project. Mummify a chicken. Recreate the Nile out of salt dough. Make a volcano.

Keep homeschooling fresh by adding some excitement to your homeschool day.

7. Remember, you’re a mom first

And most importantly, when homeschooling is too hard, remember that you’re a mom first and homeschooler second.

Homeschooling comes out of your parental duties, but it doesn’t supersede your need to be a mother.

  • To provide a loving environment for your kids.
  • To dry those tears.
  • And enjoy long conversations about friendships.

Because to be a successful homeschooler, you need to hold onto the heart of your child.

You need to be a mom first.

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when homeschooling is too hard

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  1. Taking a day off when it wasn’t schedule was something I learned during my first year. It took a lot for me to realize we needed a break and once I understood that it helped change my mindset to homeschooling. I understand why my child was exhausted in public school. He was becoming burnt out. Taking a break when we were on that verge has saved both of our sanity.

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