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3 Essential Tips to Succeed With Virtual Classes

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Have your kids taken any virtual classes? Mine have! Virtual classes have both improved my kids’ education and made life easier. Win-win! That being said, there are a few tips we’ve picked up along the way that it possible to succeed with virtual classes.

headsets for students

Disclosure: I received a AVID Headset for free and was compensated for my time in creating this review. All opinions are mine.

Tips to Help You Succeed With Virtual Classes

Virtual classes are amazing, and we’ve enrolled in two types of virtual classes.

The first type is a structured online course. The ones we’ve taken include a thoughtful teacher guiding the kids through discussions.

The second type we’ve completed is virtual courses that allow kids to work through the material at their own rate. Kids listen to the lecture before completing a problem set or test.

As my family worked through the virtual classes, we discovered that there were a few tips we needed to have in place for a successful school year.

1. Planning Assignments and Study Hours

Going into the 2023-2024 school year, I wanted to make sure my daughter had a good planner to keep track of her assignments. It took a while and we went to several stores.

Eventually, we found a planner she liked. It had plenty of space for her to write down her assignments and activities. Stickers were included and she had fun decorating each page.

The planner allowed my daughter to stay on top of all of her assignments.

In addition to helping you keep track of assignments, a planner will also help you plan your study hours each day.

There are three main ways to plan your study hours.

The first is to plan a block of time each day to work on the individual classes. An example would be to plan on studying math between 2 and 3 each day while you work on writing between 3 and 4.

A second way to plan your study hours is to simply block off a time, say three hours, to work on assignments. This is an easy way that allows you to focus on critical assignments before working on assignments that are due in a couple of weeks.

The third way of planning your study hours is to assign a subject to each day. My daughter preferred to concentrate on one or two subjects a day rather than trying to jump between 5 or 6 subjects.

2. Study the Fun Courses Before the Tough Classes

You might think that it’s best to eat the frog and do the tough classes first. That”s not the case! We discovered that the result was disastrous. My kids just sat in front of their assignments thinking about how much they hated the tough class. Nothing got done.

So we switched the order! Instead, by focusing on the fun subjects first, my kids were able to get into a study groove that helped them work through all of their subjects.

Life became a lot easier when my kids’ favorite subjects were completed before the harder ones.

Another trick is to head outside when you’re stuck.

If you or your child get stuck on a difficult problem, head outside. The fresh air will give you a needed break that will allow you to start making headway again.

best value headset for students

3. Invest In Good Headsets for Students

One of the most important factors to succeeding with virtual classes is investing in good headsets for students.

A good headset is critical. Kids need to be able to clearly hear their teachers when they’re speaking and be able to be heard when they answer questions. Also, Kids sit down for a long period of time wearing the headset and so it needs to be comfortable.

My daughter was delighted when I picked up the AVID Headset AE-55 with mic and USB-2.0 connector.

It gave my daughter a clear sound and was so much more comfortable that her previous headset. She could clearly hear her teacher and didn’t have any trouble answering questions or joining in discussions.

Best headsets for Homeschool Students

AVID Products, Inc. is a small, 30-person employee-owned, US-based company in Providence, Rhode Island that has been around for over 70 years, since 1953. They specialize in making headsets that combine safety, durability, and value.

And headsets are becoming more and more important as kids take virtual classes. But it’s hard to find a quality headset that will work for your family. Especially one that is as safe as possible, even Prop-65 and RoHS compliant!

My own family has tested many headsets before we discovered AVID Headsets!

The difference in quality was apparent from the time my daughter tried on the headset. I was informed this was the most comfortable headset she had ever put on. And she disappeared into her room and has been using them ever since!

Later my daughter told me that using the AVID headset with her virtual courses worked beautifully!

She had a quiet space that was provided by the headset along with the reliable, safe, and high-quality noise-canceling microphones she needed to join in the discussions.

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AVID products, Inc. also offers a free headset recycling program!

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