Happy Birthday Bunting Printable

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As every homeschooler and parent knows, birthdays roll around periodically.

And like many families, we have seasons of birthdays. Right now, my daughters are celebrating their birthdays, so I decided to create a free printable Happy Birthday Bunting!

The free printable happy birthday banner is found in my subscriber-only library!

It’s fun and easy to make.

First, you’ll need to grab some white card stock to print the bunting on to.

happy birthday bunting

Initially, I tried printing it out on regular white paper, but the paper curled and didn’t look good.

So I grabbed some card stock and they printed up beautifully!

Remember to print them single-sided.

Next, carefully cut each individual triangle out.

This is a great step to involve your kids. You won’t just be cutting out the happy birthday banner for the party, but also improving your kids’ fine motor control!

Third, grab string or yarn to hang the bunting.

You can glue the yarn to the bunting, but I like to use tape on the back. Just behind the red ribbon.

You also have two options. You can use two pieces of yarn. One to hang the Happy and the second to hang the birthday.

Or you can hang the Happy Birthday on one long string of yarn. It depends upon how you’d like to display the banner. And if you are using a small space or a large space.

Fourth, grab tacks to hang the happy birthday banner

You can hang the bunting on the wall, in the window, or tie it outside between two branches. It’s up to you!

So remember to grab and download your free happy birthday bunting printable. Your kids will love the festive atmosphere it gives to your home!

You’ll find the happy birthday banner printable in my resource library.

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