Building Your Perfect Homeschool in Just 13 Weeks


In this step-by-step page guide, Sara Dennis walks you through how to get started homeschooling and how to get yourself out of a homeschool rut by gently fixing your homeschool one step at a time.

You will fall in love with homeschooling!



It’s time you fell in love with homeschooling using the step by step plan laid out in the workbook Building Your Perfect Homeschool in Just 13 Weeks.

You’ll get the experienced advice and weekly assignments you need to create a homeschool you love today!

“I love this e-book for homeschool planning. Every time I restart school, or feel like we’re getting in a rut, I dig this book out and run through the steps all over again. It never looks the same twice, because the ages and stages of my kids is constantly changing. But when we need to get back on track, this always gets us there.”

~ Jullian


How does Building Your Perfect Homeschool in 13 Weeks work?

Each week includes a quote, experienced advice, and an assignment for you to complete. There’s also plenty of space included in each chapter for you to take notes, jot down ideas, and write a to-do list for yourself. You’re also given a subject to add to your children’s day.

This slow approach gives your children time to adjust to the new routine. You’re able to concentrate on one subject at a time. And your family builds the habits and consistency needed for a successful homeschool!

Can I reuse the guide each year?

Absolutely! The printable PDF is a guide you can print up each year as you’re planning and starting the new school year. Or even when your family has hit a rut and needs a change. In fact, it’s recommended that you reuse it each year. Kids grow, change, and mature. And your plans will also need to grow and change to meet your family’s changing needs.

What ages is Building Your Perfect Homeschool in 13 Weeks written for?

Building Your Perfect Homeschool in 13 Weeks is written for homeschool families with preschool through high school-aged children. I’ve graduated three children from my homeschool while still homeschooling the youngest three children. So I’ve homeschooled the full gamut of ages, from little preschoolers to high school seniors!

Do I have to complete every week and subject to have a successful homeschool?

No! Building Your Perfect Homeschool in Just 13 Weeks is written to meet the needs of both elementary and high school students. High school students will need a full course load. But your elementary students may not need the same number of subjects.

You are in control of your homeschool. You determine what your students need. And you’re encouraged to stop when the workload feels right. The goal is not to exceed another family’s goals, but to meet your family’s needs.

This book is a guide to your perfect homeschool!


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