Free Printable Memorization Tracker

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If you’ve been struggling to keep track of your children’s memory work, you need this free printable memorization tracker!

Free Printable Memorization Tracker

Have you noticed how difficult it is to remember which child recited which piece from memory? First, you hunt down your oldest who recites his Shakespeare piece but disappears before he recites his Latin conjugations.

free memorization tracker

Next, your youngest runs to you and begs to recite his Mother Goose poem for you. Your middle child gleefully recites the poem she memorized last year but also disappears before reciting the current poem she’s supposed to be memorizing.

After a few minutes, you’ve realized you’re not certain who has recited what and when. Did your oldest even recite the Latin conjugation yesterday? When was the last time those tricky conjugations were recited!

Or you sit down with all your kids to work through your memory work. You review the memorization pieces and let the kids go. And then you realized you totally forgot the new Shakespeare sonnet you were going to have the kids begin memorizing.

You need a simple system to keep track of who has recited which memory piece and when! 

A Memorization Tracker

Enter the free memorization tracker!

It’s easy to use. Write down the child and memorization pieces you’d like to recite each day, then check off a box each time your child recites the piece. Since three times is the magic number, I included 3 slots for each day and all seven days of the week. This way you can keep track of the pieces recited over the weekend!

If you want to reduce the number of times you recite a piece because the kids know it well, just put an X over the days you DON’T want to recite the piece. Easy peasy!

So stop stressing, improve your children’s memorization, and make life easy on yourself.

Download the Memorization Tracker!

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