3 Ways to Keep Preschoolers Busy with Bath Toys

Keep preschoolers busy with Lil’ Fishys bath toys.

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As a homeschool mom of a large family, it’s often rather difficult to homeschool with small children running around the house searching for trouble. Instead of getting frustrated, keep your preschoolers busy while homeschooling with bath toys.

Usually, preschoolers only get to play with their bath toys in the tub. Change the pace and pull out the bath toys for your preschooler. They’ll adore getting the play with the toys in a new spot while you homeschool your older children.

Lil’ Fishys Bath Toys in the Sink

lil fishys bath toys

Fill up the kitchen sink and allow your small children to play with the bath toys in the sink. Since I’m sitting at the kitchen table with an older child, I can easily keep an eye on the preschoolers playing at the sink.

I decided to toss a touch of dish soap into the water to make bubbles. The kids loved playing in the soapy water with their Lil’ Fishys bath toys and got soaked.

There is a minor problem with water going everywhere. The solution is simple. After your preschoolers are finished playing at the sink, hand them towels, and encourage them to mop the floors.

Bath Toys on the Tablelil fishys cute toys for kids

The next time you need to keep your preschoolers busy while you homeschool, set them up at the end of the table with the toys. As you can see, I set my children up with the Lil’ Fishy’s Aquarium.

They adored playing with the bath toys on the table. It’s a new environment for bath toys and a fun change of pace.

The biggest problem I have is keeping my older kids focused on homeschooling. They keep wanting to join in the fun at times. I guess play is more entertaining than math!

Bath Toys on a Blanket

lil fishys fish toys

Bath toys don’t need water to be fun. Put a blanket on the floor and let your children play.

The advantage of tossing the blanket on the floor is it keeps the kitchen table free for you to homeschool the big kids. I put my preschoolers in the living room which was less distracting than playing in the kitchen where the older kids and I are working.

I told my little ones the blue blanket is water, and they’re swimming with the fish. The kids had a blast pretending they were underwater.

Lil’ Fishys Preschool Toys

lil fishes fun preschool toys

The bath toys you see my children enjoying are motorized pet fish from Lil’ Fishys. They are awesome. You put in AA batteries, turn the fish on, and drop them into water.

The fish go swimming around and around and around. There are also larger whales that spout water through their blowholes as they swim.

My preschoolers have been playing with these bath toys for a couple of months now and are having just as much fun now as they did at the beginning.

Much to my delight, the kids enjoyed playing with the toys even when the batteries ran out of energy because I forgot to change the batteries. These Lil’ Fishys are just plain fun!

You can interchange the heads and tails of Lil’ Fishys which are the same size. My 5yo loves creating new types of fish as you can see.

Lil’ Fishys are fun in the tub, fun in the pool, fun in the sink, fun on the table, and fun on a blanket. If you’re looking for a fun summer toy to keep your preschoolers busy while homeschooling, pick up a Lil’ Fishy for hours of fun.

Two common-sense precautions:

  • Kids can interchange heads and tails of similar-sized Lil’ Fishys, so make certain your preschoolers know to turn off and open the Lil’ Fishys out of the water.
  • Tie long hair back when bathing or swimming with the Lil’ Fishys to prevent hair from being tangled in the motor.

Lil’ Fishys Coloring Sheets

lil fishys coloring pages

Coloring is another wonderful method for keeping kids busy while homeschooling. Pull out paper and crayons. Let your preschoolers draw to their hearts’ content.

If you’re feeling adventurous, add scissors and glue to the mix. Your kids will have a blast creating beautiful art to hang around the house.

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